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With a database of over 155 million properties and sales records, our proprietary algorithm will determine a cash offer for your home based on comparable sales in your neighborhood, less repair and remodeling costs, and a small profit for our investors.

Best in Class Comparable Home Sales

Utilizing 80 million single family homes' sales records in our property database across all 50 states representing 99% of the US population, our software is able to accurately value your home for when it is fixed to "like new" condition.

Accurate Repair Estimates

As a real estate investing company, we know what it costs to make a home like new. Our proprietary algorithm is able to take the information from our property detail database, combine that with our repair estimator database, adjusted for location, to accurately estimate the repair costs to make the home "like new" again.

Standardized Profit Factors

As a real estate investor, we are in the business of generating a profit, but we don't do that by coming to your house and throwing out a low ball offer to take advantage of homeowners. We let the data tell both the homeowner and our company what your home is worth in its current condition.

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Our Promise To You

Unfortunately homeowners without the time or money to remodel or rehab a house have been taken advantage of by fast talkers when it comes time to sell a house that needs a little love. We think this isn't right and we founded WhatsMyOffer.com to change this.

Be Honest To a Fault

We will tell the truth at every turn, even if that means telling you selling to our company is the not the best option for you.

Meet Every Commitment

When we make you an offer on a house, then we have an obligation to see that through, even if there are unforeseen issues that might make other cash home buying companies walk away.

Show Respect

Understand different perspectives when it comes to positions, ages, races, and cultural differences, and aim to treat everyone with kindness and respect.

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Our Mission

To Help Homeowners with Tough Life Situations

WhatsMyOffer.com aims to help distressed home owners out of tough situations. Our number one goal is to make the process of selling your house as quick, easy, and stress-free as possible. We want your experience to be memorable in all the best ways. If we aren’t the right fit for you, we’ll still help you find the best solution.

We help homeowners out of tough life situations


Behind on your mortgage? It's not too late. We help homeowners in avoid foreclosures.


Divorce can be a stressful process for everyone involved. Let us help to relieve the stress and contact us today.


Recently inherited a house and need to sell? Request a free valuation of your home's current market value.


Recently named the executor or personal representative of an estate? We can buy your house fast.


No formal inspection, no appraisals. We can buy your house. Normally, we close in 30 days or less start to finish. Choose your close date

Estates Sales

Selling a house in an estate sale can be exhausting. Why not let the professionals at WhatsMyOffer.com help?

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